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PEM update function - missing?  XML

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Joined: 14 Sep 2011 20:55:53
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Location: Toronto

O.K. may be me and ... just wondering if the following exists, is in the pipe line, or has to be done a different way. ( This is a pre-planning exercise)

* For a distributed, linux server environment how do I:

* Centralise the updates required for enterpriseDB if I have:
* Multiple single servers, in multiple geographic locations.
* Multiple cluster servers (master - Slave), in multiple geographic locations.

In theory I would expect the PEM manager console to have something like the stackbuilder alert system. If it does not have this functionality how would I manage multiple database deployments?

* Rules of the game , servers will be centos 5.6 64bit, bolted down, no ability to run a window manager or xterm in anyway.
* No X forwarding (before you ask)
* No ssh logon
* Servers get internet access via proxy
* Servers can be accessed via PEM

--> Hay it's a future possible production after all

Regards Richard

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Joined: 1 Aug 2008 02:37:24
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The feature you requested isn't available in the current release of Postgres Enterprise Manager. Though I admit its a nice feature to have and we will surely try to integrate something of this sort very soon into PEM.

Just to note down my understanding of your feature request:

i) PEM Client should be able to notify/download the updates available to all of your database servers (which you are monitoring through PEM).

ii) Once you have the update, you can apply the same to all of the database instance that required upgrade.

Sachin Srivastava
EnterpriseDB , the Enterprise Postgres company.

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Joined: 14 Sep 2011 20:55:53
Messages: 9
Location: Toronto

-- Summary Answer --

Yes ..

-- Detail --

With Linux we use Yum repository mirrors specifically to centralized the package distribution system.

This is done to :
A) Reduce the bandwidth required over the front end Gateways for updates
B) Keep the servers segmented from the outside world
C) Enable us to distribute updates first to a staging environment so we can QA test and qualify the updates (BEFORE) they are applied to production

If the EnterpriseDB updates are supplied as .rpms then this is not an issue, as we can proxy the updates via a enterpriseDB repo and follow the normal procedure.

I am working through the High and Low level designs for the proposed EnterpriseDB Advanced server and PEM management Infrastructure at this time. As this involves the manner in which the Service will be maintained I need to ascertain how much work is involved in centralizing the update functions.

From what I have seen already, (and excuse me if I am incorrect) I suspect we will get .bin updates, this will need to be a centralized to deal with these updates via a defined and pre-release QA test cycle.

If as suspected the updates are .bins, and we are using PEM, the concept of a centralized "repository" within the PEM server makes 100% sense, as it would allow an operator to update and if necessary roll-back changes distributed to specific EnterpriseDB service platform's in stages to maintain and ensure the integrity of the upgrade. i.e. "release schedule"

Regards Richard
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